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AuraTech - Advanced Unmanned Robotics & Automation Technology

About Us

Founded in 2012, advanced unmanned robotics & automation technology or AuraTech Engineering (ATE) is a specialist engineering & design consultancy with a focus on remote technology applications for the offshore and subsea sectors .

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From the depths of the ocean to high in the sky, AuraTech design and develop remote robotic systems.

Marine & Subsea

From it’s early days, AuraTech provides engineering & design consultancy services to the marine and subsea sectors for deep water remote operated vehicles (ROV) systems typically operating at depths in excess of 3000m.  AuraTech has gained a wealth of experience through a wide range or projects from the design of custom ROV heavy weather launch and recovery systems to ROV tooling systems.

AuraTech Engineering is focused on delivering robust and reliable solutions to our clients across the marine and subsea industries.

Our clients include:



Aerial Systems

AuraTech design and develop unmanned aerial systems (UAS); working closely with one of the UK’s largest small unmanned aerial systems suppliers, AuraTech are developing a multi rotor technology which increases flight times from minutes to hours revolutionising the endurance of vertical take-off and landing multi-rotor aircraft.

So how do we do this? By having a diverse, highly disciplined and motivated engineering and design team from a multitude of industry backgrounds, AuraTech can avoid the ‘that is how we have always done it’ approach. By thinking creatively and ‘outside of the box’ the team at AuraTech can deliver distinct unique solutions without simply imitating the competition.

Remote Aerial Services

AuraTech has a remote aerial inspection services division called BlewVue (

Aerial Inspection Services

BlewVue provides remote aerial inspection services for live assets on industrial plant and equipment typically in the petrochemical and process industries.