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Bolette Dolphin – Guiderail Transit Restraint System

The guiderail transit restraint system (GTRS) has been successfully installed onboard the Bolette Dolphin off the west coast of Africa.

The GTRS was developed by AuraTech in response to clients requirements.  Permanent guiderail was initially installed on the Bolette Dolphin drill ship as part of the work class ROV heavy weather launch and recovery system (LARS), however concerns were raised over the amount of hydrodynamic drag generated by the rails during transit. So the guiderail needed to be removed from the vessel during the transit period; the problem was that removing and storing the guiderail presented significant safety issues and generated it’s own logistical problems as there was no place on the deck of the vessel to store them.

The GTRS was designed to hold the guiderail clear of the waterline, in it’s operational location.  Feedback from the system has been positive, and discussions have been made to adopt on further vessels.


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