Survey & Mapping

Survey & Mapping
Capture asset data from the most inaccessible locations using remote robotic systems...

Using a combination of drone based aerial and terrestrial data capture with options for photogrammetry in the RGB, thermal, multi/hyper-spectral imaging and LiDAR.

Utilities & Infrastructure

Determine asset encroachment from vegetation, ground clearances and subsidence.  Details on our vegetation management solution can be found here


Check site conditions prior, during and after a major construction project and integrate within the BIM.

Oil & Gas

Survey plant prior to equipment design, upgrade and installation.


Check crop health, identify problem areas with irrigation and fertilisation, increase crop yields

Survey Options
Aerial SurveyPhotogrammetry, thermal, multi/hyper-spectral & LiDAR
Terrestrial SurveyLiDAR
Data AccessAtlas Cloud Mapping Portal

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